Set up one-time or recurring donations with your Visa or MasterCard (Bank Debit Visa/MC also accepted)


Text 226-400-4124 the amount you would like to give. (e.g. $50)
If you are a first time giver, you will receive a link to enter your payment information.
Once you have done this, all other donations will automatically use your entered information.


This method allows you to use your online payment services through your bank account.
Note: You must have an envelope number in order to give by this method. Click Here to receive one.
1) Login to your banking account
2) Select payment services
3) Add the payee Cedar Creek Community Church
4) Your Account Number is your Cedar Creek giving envelope number written as 4 digits. You also need to select the fund you want to donate to
GEN – General Fund; CAS – Care and Share; MOR – Mortgage; COL – Coldwater. If your envelope number is 999 and you wish to donate to the General fund your account number would be 0999GEN. If your envelope number is 999 and you wish to donate to the Care and Share fund your account number would be 0999CAS.
5) You can then setup a payment frequency of your choice.  When you need to change the amount or frequency you can edit the details at any time. You can also setup multiple payments automatically using different accounts. You could give $50 every month to the General account and $10 every month to the Care and Share fund.


If you would like to give at our service, we accept cash, check, or debit.  All physical donations can be placed in our new giving boxes found on either side of the entrance to our auditorium.  Debit donations can be given at our Welcome Centre.
We also offer envelops for those wishing to give using cash or check.  The envelopes we use are generic so you may need to write on your number if they haven’t already been identified. Please do not place post-dated checks in the envelope. If you need envelopes please click here, complete the form, and we will have envelopes prepared for you.