Cedar Creek’s Men’s Ministry exists to foster a community of Christ-like men who are dependent on Christ and reflect the image of Christ at home, work and wherever they go.


Bands of Brothers are small groups of men that meet regularly to encourage and support one another. Sharing, talking, accountability, laughing, prayer, Bible study and men discipling other men are all a part of these groups. It is open to all men who desire to mentor or be spiritually mentored by others. To learn more Click Here.


Several times a year, the men of Cedar Creek gather for breakfast to enjoy a time of being together. After breakfast we will usually view an inspiring video, hear from one of our own or put on work clothes and work on a project together.


Several times a year, a group of men travel to Ontario’s north for a couple of days in the wilderness. This is a great time of deepening their relationship with God and learning from one another.


Each summer a group of men play softball together in a Cambridge Recreation league as a way to get to know one another and build friendships.


Throughout the summer a group of men meet to play a round of golf at a discounted rate. In September we kick off the new ministry year with a golf tournament and dinner. Each person is encouraged to bring friends and family. Every golfer walks away with a prize at the end of the day.


THERE ARE MANY OPPORTUNITIES for men to serve and grow in the life of Cedar Creek. Contact the men’s ministry team for help getting connected to a ministry or to a group of guys in your area and stage of life.