The purpose of the Cedar Creek Community Church Library is to serve our church community by providing up-to-date resources that help people grow in their life with God. In pursuit of this purpose we:
  • Proclaim God’s word as the source of wisdom and knowledge.
  • Promote engagement with Christian resources that exhibit both literary excellence and spiritual encouragement and instruction at both academic and popular levels
  • Provide a collection of educational resources from a Christian worldview.
  • Provide opportunity for Christian service.
Our library offers a formidable collection of approximately 4000 Christian materials including: fiction and non-fiction books, DVD’s and audio CD’s for adults, youth, and children. A viable library will always be a work in progress as we classify and catalogue in order to provide current Christian materials. We are continually updating our collection. Our entire collection is now available in our computer database and is readily accessible for our patrons HERE.

As an attendee of Cedar Creek, you have access to hundreds of online lessons through Right Now Media. Please email to receive information about how to access this resource.