Our Kingfisher and Club 56 classes are currently operating at 15% capacity. Please preregister your kids each week by Thursday at noon.

After the worship music set of our live-stream service, your kids can go to our Kids @ the Creek YouTube channel and watch the Sunday School lesson on video. (The lesson will preview at 9:00am so you have the option to show your kids the lesson before adult church begins) At 10:40, your kids can join us on zoom for an in-person discussion and games.

The challenge portion of the lesson will be uploaded to our YouTube channel on Monday so your kids can do the challenge anytime throughout the week

Click HERE to preview the challenge (your kids can do the challenge anytime)
Click HERE for the lesson (previews at 9am Sunday morning)
Join the Zoom meeting at 10:40 
Click here to explore the rest of the Kids @ the Creek YouTube channel!
You’ll find a few lessons featuring Greta and Baxter (our puppets) as well as stories read by some of our amazing KidMin volunteers that can be accessed at anytime.


Before the service begins, please go to the children’s wing to sign-in or register your children. Each family will be assigned a number for that morning and name tags will be printed for each child displaying the number. Parents will receive a sticker with the same number which must be used to pick up their children in grades 4 and under. Please don’t lose your sticker! After signing in, younger children will go straight into their appropriate classes as listed below.
The older children in Kingfishers (grades 1-4) and Club 56 (grades 5 & 6) will join their parents in the auditorium and will be dismissed to their class part way through the service. If you are passionate about teaching kids about Christ, have a chat with our Director of Children’s Ministry Corina Dunn about joining the team.

 OUR CLASSES – NOTE* Currently, only our Kingfishers and Club 56 classes are running




Our screened volunteers provide loving care for infants, babies and toddlers up to age 2. The nursery has safe play areas with lots of toys, rocking chairs, and a stocked change area.



Little Otters is a class where your child will hear Bible lessons at their level, and spend lots of time in free play, lovingly cared for by our volunteers.



Salamanders is a class where Kindergarteners experience interactive Bible lessons, stories, songs and free play.


Grades 1-4

Kingfishers is where children in Grade 1 to Grade 4 will experience intentional shepherding and solid Biblical teaching. Kingfisher kids begin their morning in the auditorium with their parents and are dismissed to class after the worship music.



This is an experience for “tweens” that are in Grade 5 and 6. It’s a great opportunity to have open discussions with their leader and peers about what the Bible teaches and how to relate it to situations surrounding them at this age. Club 56 kids begin their morning in the auditorium with their parents and are dismissed to class after the worship music.



Once a month some students in these grades are offered the opportunity to volunteer in various capacities during our Sunday morning service. Areas of ministry range from greeting to serving beverages to helping in the classroom of younger children. While we also offer programs for those in Junior High (Grades 7-8), High School (Grades 9-12) and Young Adults (age 18-25), those programs don’t happen on Sunday mornings. Students are encouraged to attend services along with the adults, and/or volunteer to help make Sundays happen.