Being the Church

“See you at Church Sunday?”

It’s a question asked countless times every week by people who belong to congregations around the world. The response: “I plan on it, see you then!” or “Can’t make it this week – kids’ hockey tournament.” This is workaday Christianspeak, but it makes absolutely no sense from a Biblical perspective.

Believers often associate “the church” with a sanctuary or meeting place. But the real Church is neither a building nor an event but rather a group of people who are determined to follow Jesus together – what the Bible calls “the body of Christ” (1 Corinthians 12). Simply put, we are the face of Christ in this world. Together, we represent Christ’s love and message.

Over past several weeks it has been a joy to watch our Cedar Creek church family “being the church.” We have served each other. We have taken the love and message of Jesus to those who would not identify with Christ at all.

One Saturday in January a small group of men gathered at the crack of dawn to cook breakfast for 35 guys who, in turn, built, repaired and renovated portions of the church (ahem – the building we call the church.) They were using their skills and abilities to be the church.

Every other Monday evening the foyer is transformed into a meeting spot for women to gather for fellowship and Bible Study. The focus: to learn how we can better reflect Christ as his bride, the church.

Every nuclear family has its own challenges, struggles, and needs. How much more every church family. We highlight a handful of these in the Weekly; others are known to a select few. There are people in our congregation who quietly, behind the scenes, provide prayer, encouragement, and practical support. They are “being the church.”

At Connecting the Cultures, members of Cedar Creek chat with new Canadians, helping them learn English and adapt to life in Canada. Other members serve alongside Youth for Christ and Ray of Hope meeting the physical and relational needs of hurting people in our community.

Be encouraged! As a follower of Jesus, you can join us in being the Church. You can use your experience, your passions, and spiritual gifts to be Christ’s hands and feet in this world. Together, we can be the church.

If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully. Romans 12: 6-8

Being the Church – Pastor Ian Elliott

New Director of Children’s Ministry

“We didn’t expect to be hiring from within,” says Pastor Ian Elliott. “But we’re glad she applied!”

Taking a lead role among children and youth at the Creek didn’t even occur to Corina Dunn until the Creek posted the Director of Children’s Ministry position in late 2016. Then it just sort of made sense – for everyone.

“It suits my personality because there’s always something new,” says Corina. “I love the process of building. In the theatre world, you build it up, you close it down, and you start all over again.”

For years, Corina has pursued a love for the dramatic arts. She majored in Drama at university. Later, in the midst of marriage and raising a family (Corina and her husband Steve have three children – Lucas, 21, Danielle, 19, and Hannah, 17), she taught drama at her kids’ elementary school as well as a local theatre. Most recently she headed up a drama program – presenting seven out of eight Sunday mornings – at Lakeside Church, in Guelph. Corina currently co-leads Part & Parcel theatre, whose actors range from ages 14-24.

“What interested me [in working at the Creek] was – how I can use my gifts to intentionally reach kids with the Gospel?” she says.

Church staff and elders were immediately impressed with Corina’s gifts as a communicator and administrator.

“Organizationally, I take projects from beginning to end,” says Corina. “I like working with large groups of diverse people and finding people’s strengths. I love finding what someone is passionate about and helping this grow and bear fruit – that’s pretty awesome.”

Crossing Over

On the face of it, a theatre and a church inhabit radically different worlds. In fact, there are striking commonalities.

Tim Keller writes that “the church is filled with immature and broken people who still have a long way to go.” Similarly, according to Corina, theatre “tends to attract people who are broken – probably because the community tends to be tight-knit and accepting.”

A place of belonging, of love, and acceptance – this is a culture that Corina would like to cultivate among young people at the Creek. That and, of course, a drama team.

Visual and theatrical arts are a great draw for kids,” says Corina.  “If we can get kids to learn art, but also about Jesus, that’s a win!”

Volunteers wanted for Children’s Ministry! If you have a passion for teaching, cuddling babies, VBS, or sports ministry (or can put on a good act) please contact